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“Who are you and what do you want?” – Why a mixing engineer should care.

Why a mixing engineer should care about your musical identity and vision
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This might read like the kind of hostile question a telemarketer might expect (and dread) to hear. But I’m not telling you in an indirect way to stop bothering me and leave me alone! As a mixing engineer, I’m genuinely interested in who you are and what you want (in a non-intrusive, all-boundaries-will-be-respected kind of way :)).

Let me elaborate.

“Who are you?”

By this I mean, “how do you define yourself as a musical artist? What kind of identity do you want to convey?”

This might sound a little pretentious, but then again, this is art we’re talking about! 🙂 I want to know which bands you associate yourself with and want to be “seen with”. And what aspects of your music you think are special, and have the potential to make you stand out. This helps me ensure that we’re aiming for a mix that is going to sit well (and hopefully also stand out) alongside your favourite music!

“What do you want?”

Of course, a large part of your style will already be implicit in the music you’ve written and recorded. But there are still so many decisions to be made in the mixing process about just how to present it to the listener. Do you want it to sound super hyped and in your face, or subtle and understated? Do you want it to sound clean and polished, or do you prefer it more raw and lo-fi? Modern vs vintage? etc. And that’s not to mention the individual elements of the mix like how the vocals, drums, guitars, bass etc should sound. All of these aspects of a production are as much mixing decisions as they are writing and recording decisions.

Put simply, there are so many fun and creative ways to approach a mix. The more I know about how you want the end product to sound, the better I can help you. So don’t be shy! Be as specific and descriptive as you want. It’s all important to me to help you achieve the production you have in mind 🙂

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