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Latest production:

Quantum – “The Next Breath of Air” – EP

Mixed by Gabriel Lundh and Mats Lundin. Mastered by Tom MacLean at Twelve Tone Studio.

Release date: June 12th, 2020. Check out the single below or listen at Spotify or Apple Music:

“The Next Breath of Air…” by Quantum

I am an audio engineer and musician with over 15 years of industry experience in the field of rock, metal and alternative music. I offer professional yet affordable online mixing and mastering services to the highest standard.

What do my mixes sound like?

Below is a selection of my mixes. Additional samples are available on request.

CINEMATIC METAL – “HoriSION” (Instrumental) by Dunai (2020)
PSYCHEDELIC/ PROGRESSIVE ROCK – “Fool Moon” (Instrumental) by Penny Betts (2020)
DEATH/ THRASH METAL – “Purge of Aeons” by Deathtrip Armada (2020)

PROGRESSIVE/ MELODIC METAL – “Oblivion” by Euphonia (2016) (Mastered by Brett Caldas-Lima)
DEATH/ THRASH METAL – “Crimson Wasteland” by Deathtrip Armada (2020)

PSYCHEDELIC / RETRO ROCK – “Ex Machina” by Penny Betts (2019)

POST ROCK – Excerpt from “64 Bristol” by Wess Meets West (Twelve Tone Remix) (2019)
ALTERNATIVE FOLK – Excerpt from “Like You Do” by The Western Den (Twelve Tone Remix) (2019)

(NB. All tracks are in mp3 format. This is a representative, but not exhaustive, selection of my mixes. If you wish to hear more genre-specific material, just let me know and I will happily send you some)

What services can I provide?

  • Mixing
  • Mastering (together with mixing or as a separate service)
  • Recording/ overdubs
  • Editing
  • Re-amping
  • Drum replacement
  • Additional arrangements (orchestral/ synth etc)

What am I like to work with?

Below is a selection of verified Google Reviews.

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How much do I charge?

I cater for a range of budgets. Put simply, the final fee comes down to the amount of work required per track, but all fees are discussed and agreed in advance. I aim to be affordable to all and am passionate about helping you get your music to sound the best that it can, so if there’s a way to make things work, I’m more than happy to discuss it! Just send your enquiry via the email address at the top or contact form at the bottom.

How does it work?

My goal is to make the mixing experience as stress-free and satisfactory as possible. I’m happy to take the time to discuss all your project’s requirements, and to talk you through how I’d approach fulfilling your specific hopes and expectations for your mix, to the last detail! If you feel comfortable to share your musical baby with me, I will guide you step-by-step through the process of transferring me your project (you can even send me your DAW session directly if it’s more convenient – I am comfortable using Logic Pro X, Cubase, Pro Tools or Reaper). Once I’ve received your project, I will check everything is present and correct. I will also discuss with you:

  • The number of tracks you want me to mix (i.e. single, demo, EP, album);
  • Track lengths and arrangement complexity;
  • How you’ve recorded your music – home recording or professional studio?
  • Stylistic direction – how do you want the music to sound? etc.

If you are happy for me to proceed, I will do an initial mix, usually within 24 hours if there are no issues with the original recordings. I will send you an embedded high-quality stream for you to review. And then we can take things from there!

About Me

Tom MacLean, producer at Twelve Tone Studio. I offer online mixing and mastering services in rock, metal and alternative music.

I’m Tom MacLean, founder of Twelve Tone Studio. When I’m not working as a mixing engineer, I’m a musician, composer and producer.

I started out in the music world back in 2005 after finishing a Jazz Guitar Diploma at Trinity College of Music. My first ‘proper’ band was To-Mera, a progressive metal band for whom I played lead guitar, wrote and recorded 3 albums (2 for Candlelight Records), and opened for bands like Dream Theater, Pain of Salvation and Emperor.

From 2007-2013 I was the bassist for epic proggers Haken, with whom I also recorded 3 albums (2 on Sensory Records, 1 on Inside Out) and played some cool tours and festivals.

Since stepping back from the touring life I have worked on a number of side projects, including a metal project called Psion, and have gradually turned my focus towards the production aspect of music. I have completed my professional certification in audio engineering from HOFA-College in Germany.

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